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Lewis is my choice for number three because longevity means a lot.  He played from 2006-2017 all for one team, the Jaguars.  Lewis made the Pro Bowl in 2010 with 58 catches for 700 yards. Moreover, he played in almost every game during his career and blocked well in addition to catching passes. Without a doubt these two stalwarts on the D line became very successful NFL players.  Stroud made the Pro Bowl three times and Henderson made the Pro Bowl two times.  Many sports writers stated they were the best defensive tackle combo of their era.  In fact, their nickname was Hurricane Henderstroud! Although he only played three years as a Jaguar, he is still active in the NFL.  Also he made the Pro Bowl two times.  He rarely faced injuries in his career and had 8 interceptions for 115 yards in 2015.  Despite not being a Jaguar he has a long and successful NFL career. Finally Monroe and Alualu are very successful NFL players who made great contributions to the Jaguars during the years they played in Jacksonville.

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Jacksonville Chiropractor

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